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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

I think this will work out well, and you will build audience by starting a pattern of releasing one per month. That over the following year (or two or three) people will start looking forward to their Potemkin Fix (as many do to their Outpost fix) and you will have MORE viewers for this initial delay, not less. (Outpost get as many as 65,000 downloads per episode).

And it's good that this is starting now, with a significantly higher quality product than you were producing in your first few outings, too. I really think you'll find this is going to work out very well.

Having stuff in the can will help keep this schedule up once you start releasing it. And I don't think you'll regret the continuity, either.

With a set of characters who you are creating, recasting and recasting the same character is unlikely to work. It's not like Phase II's Mr. Spock... most people, even most non-Trek fans, know who Mr. Spock is. Likewise Captain Kirk and Bones McCoy. When they change actors it does not require explanation, any more than a new production of Hamlet has to explain why they aren't using the same actors as another production of Hamlet... or another interpretation of Sherlock Holmes.

I think you'll find this will work out far better than you seem to currently imagine.
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