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That's the thing though, they must have known going in what their deadline was and budgeted their time accordingly. As much as I dislike EA's policies, you can't really blame them for Bioware being unable to deliver a completed game in the allotted time. Indeed, if memory serves, they were already granted an extension as I think ME3 was originally due out Q3-4 of 2011.

The simple fact is that they grossly underestimated how important the ending would be to the fans and left it to last. No wonder it felt rushed and half arsed!

I don't think EA told Bioware to stunt cast Chobot in what has to be the most bafflingly pointless character in recent memory, they didn't tell them to chicken out and just photoshop a random model shot off google images and call it Tali's real face and I'm sorry, but no amount of extra time would have made the three choice ending any better.

Indeed as the Extended Cut DLC proved, all the extra time would have done is allow them to plug the most blatant omissions and give some tiny bit of closure.

Incidentally, are all those disciples of "Indoctrination Theory" still banging on, or have they finally given up the ghost?
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