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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

How many of the cast remain in Atlantic City now? Assuming Gillian is going to prison and wont be in season 5, that leaves Nucky, Willy, and Mickey. More major characters are now in NYC or Chicago individually than in Atlantic City. Weird.

Richard's death is one of those situations where it sucks to be right. That being said...

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Harrow was one of my favorite characters, did they really need to make him kill an innocent before going out? Just thinking about how much anguish he must have felt in his final moments knowing that he killed the wrong person.
I actually think that was the only ending Richard deserved. I think he was a fantastic character, probably my favourite on the show, but he was a killer for hire with the blood of many men on his soul. It doesn't matter that he didn't like that life, those crimes can't be excused that easily. Letting him get away with it to start a new life would have been cheap, as would letting him die some heroic sacrifice. Richard died alone with the deaths of all those he killed weighting heavily on his conscience, and that was a perfectly fitting end to an amazing character.
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