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Re: Best and worst TNG seasons according to IMDB episode scores

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I don't consider Shades of Grey a real episode, so I'd knock it off the list and put Sub Rosa in it's rightful position in last place.
I've heard this before and it irritates me - of course "Shades of Gray" is a 'real' episode. The "flashback"/clip show seems a common enough fallback in American TV series - good grief, "The Simpsons" have had about eight! "Friends" had several, "Frasier" too, even "The A-Team" (the season 2 finale, coincidentally enough).

Now, you might not like "Shades of Gray" (given the requirement of a clip show, I thought the framing story was quite innovative; much better than a standard "Character X is thinking about leaving and the rest of the characters remember all the good times..." affair) - and you are entitled to dislike like it. But not count it as a "real" episode? It's a real episode; it's got a production number; it has a writer, and a cast, and a spot on the video/DVD sets and it runs for about 43 minutes.

It's a real episode.
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