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^^^It is a biological fact that men and women are the same species, not Martians and Venerians.

The to-ing and fro-ing with the guns is somewhat tedious. The real point of the episode is Red's speech about wanting to live and his efforts to save lives. What I mostly took away from the first was not that Reddington's had an insanely superior joy in life, but that he had a visceral commitment to exotic and expensive entertainments. Plainly he took up a life of crime to pay for them.

The hint that the black list was ultimately for redemption so he could sleep the sleep of the just, as opposed I guess to the sleep of the two (or more) bottles of wine drinker was delivered to Ressler, i.e., a blank wall, which I guess means it was supposed to be a glimpse into the real man. But was it believable that Reddington is feelings the pangs of conscience? That's what's going on with the black list, but Reddington keeps on doing all the stuff a conscience should feel bad about? He's either BSing Ressler while Ressler can't think clearly, or the black list is some crazy bargain with his conscience.

Reddington's efforts to save Ressler, and the unknown woman, and Dembe also are supposed to show that our glorious psychopath actually does have a heart, even to the point he would come out of the box. The Reddington we've seen surely knew that this would happen and also would be able to predict Cooper's stubborness. So, which on-screen Reddington do we believe? This one or the one who we've seen all year?
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