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Re: An Adventure in Space and Time - Grade and Discuss

I was afraid to come into the Doctor Who forum because I had recorded all the stuff that aired for the 50th anniversary (I have seen Day of the Doctor, finally). I decided to write my review of this on Facebook but since I've seen everything, I figured I should post it here too.

I watched Adventures in Space and Time tonight and I really liked it. I've actually seen the first episode of Doctor Who (I think I downloaded it) but I really liked how they portrayed the trials and tribulations of getting the show on the Air. The actors who played Hartnall, Varity, and Waris were all great. However, I have to say I thought the show started off a little slow. The point in the show where they talked about the Kennedy Assassination was when it really got going and I was hooked from there, especially the scene where Varity asks to re-air the first episode of Doctor Who again.

One thing I was wondering after watching this was the Kennedy Assassination and Doctor Who happened in about a Day's time. I wonder what it was like in Britain during that time, seeing this new scifi series targeted towards children but having it go up against the news that Kennedy had been shot. I also found it interesting that this show in America aired on the day Kennedy was shot, 50 years later. It almost served as a documentary of not just the beginnings of Doctor Who, but that time when JFK was assassinated.
Something of an addendem to this was I think I agree with EMH regarding this film being the best of the 50th anniversary specials. It really was a well done film, and as someone who doesn't know anything about Doctor Who prior to 2005, it was nice to see a film chronicling the creation of this great series. I'm not sure how much of it is true or not, but all of it was enjoyable.
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