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Spock counts as a minority in the real world?
Spock is half vulcan and half human. yes he is a minority. He is a mixed breed of different races. he is not a human white male like Jim Kirk.

I strongly believe that Spock is more likely to experience racial abuse for been a mixed breed more so than Uhura or Gerodi or Sisko who are black.

So yes both Spock and Uhura are minorities in terms of ethnicity. Vomiting is a sign of disgust for something. Regardless of anyone intentions, KaraBear saying she wants to vomit at the site of this couple is blurring on racial lines because a lot of interracial couples used to get that kind of response from people not too long ago and even till now. .
Stop accusing people of being racists. Stop saying that because KaraBear doesn't like your favorite fictional couple she is prejudiced. Stop even suggesting this.

Spock/uhura are not my favoritie couple.

I only said the romance was very well done in the first film. I am more of a critic than a fan. a critic will tell you the good and bad unlike fans who are so blinded by their love for pairing and people that they refuse to find no wrong with them.

I believe many professional film critics gave the spock/uhura relationship positive feedback on representing the romantic aspect of star trek 2009. I am and was on those critics. critics and fans seem mixed on the relationship in the 2013 film.

Secondly why is it only karabear I criticised? a lot of people here said that they did not like the couple. do you see me criticise them? NO I DID NOT.

I only criticized Karabear for using the term/smiles wanting to vomit to describe a couple that happens to be interracial. It is a poor choice of words and expression. that was my criticism.

I never said she was can I when I don't even know her. what I said was she could be blurring on racial lines with her expression.

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