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The USS Discovery is an Nebula Class starship built and completed at Utopia Plantia in 2369. She was built in the midst of a period of optimism and expansion for the Federation, but after a short matter of time her role would drastically change from one of exploration to security and warfare. She would soon establish herself as a veteran of the Dominion Wars and forever prove her worth in blood and valor.

Now the year is 2384, with the war over for more than a decade, peace has been restored... to a degree. Though the drums of war are no longer beating, threats still exist just over the horizon. The once proud Romulan Empire lays fractured in the midst of a power vacuum after the Shinzon Affair leaving a hole in the succession line, its flames threaten to grow and spill over to federation borders. The rebuilding of the broken Cardassian Empire produces more than enough problems for Federation Alliance Occupational Forces with pirating disrupting humanitarian efforts and reconstruction being inhibited by political infighting between Cardassian civilian and military factions. However some positives have grown from the ashes of war, Starfleet has once again restarted its original mandate of exploration and diplomacy. As time passes by, more and more ships phase out from patrol and defensive duties and back to the exploration journeys. The Discovery is one of those ships maintained and operated to fit the needs of a rebuilding fleet both in exploration and defensive roles. Assigned to the 9th Fleet, and detached to the 107th Joint Response Group, the Discovery is manning her station and carrying the banner for the future of the United Federation of Planets.

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Lieutenant Commander Ishin Nakamura
Commanding Officer, USS Discovery
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