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Basically I am wondering with the idea what would happen if Earth suddenly acquired technology hundreds of years more advanced than another else in their area of space and what would happen when they managed to get the USS Sovereign working and took it back to Earth for study.
It's an interesting enough premise as a little alternate-reality fic - certainly the 2150s Earth Starfleet having a starship from two centuries in the future to reverse-engineer would have significant consequences to the Star Trek Enterprise universe, chief among them Earth soon becoming more technologically advanced than their Vulcan associates if they didn't grant them access to the new ship.

Perhaps the Vulcans would attempt to take the ship by force in an attempt to stop Earth's technological quantum leap (pun intended) over them, or because they decide that they themselves would be the safest pair of hands for such a gift from the future.

As I said, very interesting...
That is what I am thinking as well. Earth would also have access to the new ships database so they would know about the Federation but would they try and bring the other 3 main races in on it. Could they actually give this technology to the Andorians, Vulcans and Telorites (spelling) as historically giving technology away that gives a tactical advantage isn't easy.

Plus what about T'Pol as she is going to know about this ship and Starfleet would want her to for now remain quiet about it but she might be compelled to tell Sovol about what they discovered since it is going to affect the Vulcan's so much and what would Sovol do as we know from the 4th season that despite how he acts in the second season he actually quite likes earth.

What about if the Andorians hear about it as they might assume the Vulcans now have this technology and if they do not attack now then in a few months time the Vulcans might be to powerful to stop.

Annyway I am glad you found the story idea interesting as I do as well.
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