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I always wondered why Kim was made part of the senior staff straight out of the academy.

If he'd come aboard as Lieutenant Kim, and we'd learnt that he'd taken an advanced officer program at the Academy or something much like Kirk appears to have done, it'd have sat better for me.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Tuvok receive a promotion to Lieutenant Commander around Season Three or Four? Surely they had an extra pip aboard for Kim!
Same reason Kes was part of the senior staff.
I can understand why Neelix was. He was a trader, so he knew how to negotiate with the other alien cultures and was a recognized native species of the quad. It was easier for him to find out stuff and get stuff over that of the unknown uniform officers of Voyager.
Why was Kes?
She'd never even been above ground, had no knowledge of ANYTHING out there. If they need medical knowledge, they just brought the EMH up on the computer screen.

AgentCoop wrote: View Post
Know what the chain of command is? It's the chain Janeway uses to beat some sense into Harry Kim.

She never used it, aparrently.
.....and that's why Harry didn't deserve a promotion.
The military doesn't promote people unqualified just cause other officers die.
They gave the command to the hologram over him, Janeway in "Shattered" looks at Chakotay in disbelief went he called Harry a valued officer. They were telling us the whole time, Harry wasn't qualified for a promotion.
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