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Re: Favourite Trek Couple

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Spock/Uhura (Star Trek 2009): unfortunately I did not like the movie into darkness and everything that came with it.
Did somebody by the name of KaraBear just vomit at mention of this couple? vomiting at the mention of two minority characters in a romantic relationship is just a big NO NO. prejudice much? or pephaps its because she ruined your K/S slash.
Spock counts as a minority in the real world?
Spock is half vulcan and half human. yes he is a minority. He is a mixed breed of different races. he is not a human white male like Jim Kirk.

I strongly believe that Spock is more likely to experience racial abuse for been a mixed breed more so than Uhura or Gerodi or Sisko who are black.

So yes both Spock and Uhura are minorities in terms of ethnicity. Vomiting is a sign of disgust for something. Regardless of anyone intentions, KaraBear saying she wants to vomit at the site of this couple is blurring on racial lines because a lot of interracial couples used to get that kind of response from people not too long ago and even till now.

A lot of people in year 2013 still look at interracial couples with disgust and with a why face. If you don't believe me visit the deep southern states of USA. You can simply say you just don't like the pairing or you prefer another pairing.

No need for strong hate charge words especially when the people you are directing it too are minority characters.

Spock is even more of a minority than Uhura because human and Vulcan hardly get together. In the 23rd century I am sure no one gives a shit or even looks twice at a human interracial couple when they work down the street. People in the 23rd century still frown upon vulcan/human dating each other.

Remember when the vulcan kids called Amanda a whore because she was human and when the vulcan elders said Spock was at a disadvantage because he had a human mother? I doubt Uhura or Geordi have ever experienced that kind of insults for being black in the 23rd century.

So yes Spock is a minority in terms of ethnicity.
Key words: real and world.
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