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Re: NBA Season - 2013-2014

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Derrick Rose out for the season after surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. How does a torn meniscus take a player out for the season, especially if the injury happens in November? That has to be one helluva tear. Maybe he had some of the cartilage removed in a previous injury. Usually torn cartilage is a 4-6 week, or maybe 6-8 week layoff.

DRose's career starting to remind me of Andrew Bynum's.
I predicted this while he was in College. It's how awkwardly he lands on his legs.
Has he had prior right meniscus injuries?
No, I was just watching him light it up in the Tourney and I said "He has to stop doing that (how he's landing on his legs) or someone is going to be very disappointed in him because of injuries." To see a difference, (I'm no doctor) watch how Chris Paul lands. I knew he would tear up his knees and have chronic ankle issues.

I called Kevin Love "a big gump." "He'll have major leg injuries, too." I thought the 2008 class was going to be in for disappointment if these were the best players.
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