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^ I doubt he was solely responsible for ME3's failing. Mostly I think it was poor planning and a lack of foresight, which actually makes it more (though not exclusively) the fault of the producer or director or whoever's in change of overall development. Basically they should have done the ending first and built everything up to that, but instead from what I gather they did the middle missions first, leaving the beginning and end to last...and it showed. Based on some of the unused files it looks like they have much bigger plans for the London mission than just a lame horde mode mission, but ran out of time.

That said these rumours do sound promising *if* there's any truth to them. In the very least is sounds consistent with those cryptic N7 day tweets the team was putting out earlier this month. Taking place post ME3, refocus on exploration and the implication that the PC could possibly be customized from a choice of several different species.
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