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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I believe I have found music that is indeed missing from this set...or I just cannot find it anywhere and am ready to pull my hair out.

I was crazy enough to actually start doing every episode's edited score...tracked and all spliced up. I just started Miri and found a scene that has music that I believe is nowhere to be found on this set. The scene is when Kirk is sitting with Miri and they are talking and they first notice Kirk has the disease. The music heard is obviously Mullendore and is a very romantic version of the main theme. It sounds very similar to the library cues, but it is very different. Also sounds like the Kirk & Lenore cue from Conscience of the King as well.

Can anybody verify this with me? The scene is roughly 14:30 minutes into the episode. My theory is maybe one of the Library cues is incomplete. I even messed around with the pitch on those specific tracks, but it is definitely a different cue. The cue in question is the Trek theme done very romantically, but only with flutes.

I couldn't find any info about this and was wondering if anybody else had noticed this cue is MIA.

I hope I may be wrong...overlooked it and it is on the set.
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