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Re: Spocks line in VI 'the universe will unfold as it should'

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Having a disagreement about what the lines mean is not misremembering them.
I didn't say anything about memory. Really, there's what is actually meant by the lines in their context, and then there's perverting them to try and support what's clearly just a conscious change in direction. I don't understand why there even has to be some throwaway line to validate that.
My bad about your word choice. Let me rephrase:
Having a disagreement about what the lines mean implies that not everyone agrees that the lines are being misinterpreted.
I don't think that what Spock is talking about in TUC is the same thing as what is occurring in City. There would be no need to "have faith" if there was a physical certainty how things were going to turn out, and I think that is the clearest refutation of the idea that Spock is talking about fate in TUC.

However, I think there's more than a fair argument that fate plays a role in City. The notion of time having a shape, as the Guardian put it, suggests it. The currents in time that drew the two traveling groups together suggests it. Edith being ahead of her time, and having the right idea at the wrong time, suggests it. The word fate not being mentioned does not mean that it's unreasonable to interpret City as being about fate.

However, this thread is not really about that, at least as I see TUC, so if you want to make a thread about City in the appropriate forum, I might come to that to discuss it there, in due course. On the other hand, how to interpret City has been batted about many times over, so in reply I might just simply link to several or more of the numerous posts I've already made about that episode, since what I would say I've likely already said.
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