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Re: Voyager went the wrong way home!

I always wondered if the folks aboard the Equinox decided to gamble on the wormhole being there and headed in that direction. They promptly ran into the Krowtownan Guard, lost half their crew, and decided instead to head in the more sensible direction. It was a throwaway line, but it seemed wierd that Equinox ran into some Really Bad People almost immediately after getting to the Delta Quadrant, and Voyager never heard of 'em.

OTOH, it's just as weird that in heading along a similar course home within a few weeks or perhaps months of Voyager, that the Kazon, Vidiians or other major powers in the immediate vicinity of the Caretaker never heard of them either. Perhaps then the Caretaker could have tossed them back home (which may or may not have been done to other ships per "The Voyager Conspiracy") but something went wrong and they ended up somewhere else entirely. Digression over. :P

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