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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

Sloppy game on both sides, trying to hold on to that frozen ice cube they were using instead of a football

That said, I liked what I saw in this game, after, you know, the 0-24 first half. Good mix of players stepping up, no one overwhelmed by the situation, and got a glimpse of old school 'genius' Belichick again in this one. He'd been missing for a while, but ballsy call on defering the ball in OT. You don't see that very often, especially choosing to give Manning the ball when a TD ends the game without you touching it. I thought the captains just fucked up on that one, and the announcers had just finished telling us that choosing the wind rather than the ball would be stupid. Belichick then immediately does that, of course. BUT, if you can prevent the TD, it would have been a bitch of a FG, and essentially forced the Broncos to need to get another 10 yards every drive, versus being able to try longer FGs on the Pats' own drives. Ended up directly affecting Denver, having them punt on what would have been about a 55 yard FG. Pats didn't end up needing the wind boost on their kick, but it definitely played a factor in the punting/field position in OT.
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