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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Hmm...from blssdwlf's lack of response regarding the idea of the vertical shaft leading down through the dorsal, I assume he doesn't like the idea.

Mytran wrote: View Post
As for your proposal - again, I only have MS Paint to hand right now, but I think it WOULD fit, even on a 1,000' vessel. The shortened horizontal PTC is not a problem, in fact the more I watch TWOK the more I think a set-accurate build may be in order!
Although it's a poor excuse (especially since I'm not a fan of it) many Trekkers accept the literal interpretation of Franz Joseph regarding the forced perspective TOS engine room cathedral (i.e. elements getting smaller and closer together near the end).

In the case of the TMP engine room FP for the stern of the impulse section we are coming to an end of the horizontal shaft with segments getting closer together which could indicate a termination of the shaft by elements that get subsequently smaller. Of course, the short engineers could present a rationalization problem (unless they have "selected" engineers that can work more efficiently in the stern low ceiling area )

Mytran wrote: View Post
The biggest problem is that the (Engine Room level) long corridor would have to run along the dorsal pylon through the saucer undercut, leaving very little (if any) space for the sideways doors and corridors to open up into!
Thanks for reminding me about this issue. As for the sideways and corridors these could have steps / stairs leading above the saucer undercut, so I wouldn't necessarily regard these as obstacles.

The (center-offset) long blue corridor ahead of the engine room could still fit inside the dorsal pylon, I believe.

Where it could get critical is the square engine room itself and the space for the horizontal intermix shaft.

However, and unlike the TOS Enterprise, the dorsal pylon of the movie Enterprises does not have a rectangular deck layout in the dorsal but one that is more oval in nature.

Check out this screencap from TWOK:

We can clearly see that the red separation lines (saucer-engineering hull) in the upper dorsal are curved, therefore the dorsal is wider in the middle than it is at the bow and stern!

While I can't say at this moment how much internal space that would allow, I assume it would have sufficient interior pylon space to both accomodate the shaft and the (impulse) engine room. If it doesn't fit into a ship with an overall length of 305 meters, maybe it will with 355 meters?

Based on the Kimble blueprints and size figures, the dorsal would have the widest width of 5.4 m (305 m O.L.) or 6.3 m (355 m O.L.). Alternately, how high could an impulse engine room be elevated before it compromises the upper deflection crystal?

By the way, what's up with these three different radiation suit (body) colors?
  • Grey - impulse drive section only?
  • White - both impulse and warp drive section?
  • Red - both sections and reactor?


Thanks to Mytran's excellent, imaginative (and entertaining) rationalization I hope we can all agree that there was only one more level about the TMP engine room level.


@ blssdwlf

Is there really any good reason to doubt that the Enterprise in TWOK destroyed the Reliant's impulse deflection crystal? Destroying a sealed end of the intermix shaft also required for warp drive probably has the effect of a temporary warp drive shutdown as seen in TWOK.
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