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nureintier wrote: View Post
Losing his composure repeatedly. I mean, I can handle him getting upset now and then, but it seems like it's all he does.

I realize that NuSpock is not OldSpock, but again, one cannot help making comparisons, and NuSpock barely ever does anything which reminds us that he's supposed to be half Vulcan.

Also, I don't think anyone was saying they don't expect Spock to give a damn AT ALL that Kirk died, but rather, that the scene in TWOK has more impact because of the history.
JarodRussell wrote: View Post
The guy that beat up Khan out of anger on the Coruscant floating thingy, is the very same guy that beat up Kirk out of anger on the bridge, is the very same child that beat up the other kids out of anger in the Vulcan school thingy. nuSpock has absolutely no character development, and the writers seem to be proud of that.

Expect yet another scene where nuSpock beats someone up and has to be stopped in the third film.
This is what I figured some fans are going to notice.

The concept about Vulcans is that they don't express emotions. They're devoted to logic.

They only do it in very rare instances or because of some odd situation like a disease.

So when we see Spock going into violent rages a number of times, people who know the series are bound to have that type of reaction.

Trying to have an open mind about those rages isn't going to cut it if they know about the basic concept of Vulcans established already.

It's as if it were more intended for movie goers who don't know much about Vulcans.

The thing is, Zachary Quinto does a perfect Spock --he nailed it -it's just the odd character behavior that may put some fans off.

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