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Re: Favourite Trek Couple

Picard/Crusher (ST GEN):: I finally got my wish in the Trek novel universe.

Riker/Troi (ST GEN-----Movies):I was always like just get together already because not once did I think of worf/troi as end game.

Spock/Uhura (Star Trek 2009): unfortunately I did not like the movie into darkness and everything that came with it.
Did somebody by the name of KaraBear just vomit at mention of this couple? vomiting at the mention of two minority characters in a romantic relationship is just a big NO NO. prejudice much? or pephaps its because she ruined your K/S slash.

I say this with logic. Spock/Uhura from the 2009 film was one of the best couples star trek ever produced. the critical reception and popularity from the 2009 film about this pairing speaks for itself. Too bad it was ruined by the writers in the second film. STiD was a pretty bad film.

Sarek/Amanda (Star Trek TOS and Star Trek 2009): I saw the deleted scenes of the sarek and amanda fight from the 2009 film and I ask. How could you not love this pairing. although I never want to watch a sex scene featuring Sarek and Amanda.

Tpol/Trip (star trek ENT): Tpol endless experience with love, sex and emotions added another dimension to her character. Too bad Trip died. The writers did consider a Tpol reunion with him.

Data and just any girl (Star Trek GEN): Data constant need to feel like humans did was very enduring and I felt like he showed this need most when he was either Geordi or when he tried to be a boyfriend to Jenna D'Sora in the episode: In Theory.

It was so so sweet. My heart still breaks when Data said:"Then I will delete the appropriate program''. thereby ending the relationship.

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