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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

Eh, I was not satisfied with the ending on many fronts. After all this set-up it sort of just ends in a jumbled mess.

Harrow was one of my favorite characters, did they really need to make him kill an innocent before going out? Just thinking about how much anguish he must have felt in his final moments knowing that he killed the wrong person. Another great Eli/Nucky showdown but then the son kind of just drops in and it all falls apart. Now Nucky is sending him to Cicero and is coincidentally being picked up by Mueller. Chalky confronts Nucky but it gets resolved off screen. Chalky and Narcisse get a showdown, but then not really. They talk for a bit but Chalky is probably stalling Narcisse to set up the shot. But then it gets interrupted in the end with the shot anyways. It almost feels like they set this all up because they thought Chalky would be a more interesting character without his family. All that set up with Gillian and the pinkerton and we get a two minute trial that gets resolved with Gillian going to jail for contempt and Harrow asking Nucky for the location of Jimmy's body. The assassination attempt was good, but then that thread ends with a scene with Torrio just telling Capone to take everything. Nucky gets picked up by the feds, the next we see him he's just chatting with his nephew.

It almost feels like they decided to go a completely different direction and as a result just ended the storylines as quickly as possible while getting the characters wherever they're supposed to be for next season.
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