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I'd take the Doctor as a hologram as a partner over Neelix anyday. Not that I'm particularly attracted to him, although I love his character, but he's way more attractive than Neelix. The character, not the actor I mean, just to be clear.
Apparently Ocampans, or at least Kes, have pretty different tastes, although I think Kes was emotionally pure and enlightened to see beyond the physical.
I do find Date kind of attractive. I may be oversharing.
I think if Trek were real, you'd be sharing a sofa with Barclay, talking to Troi about choosing to be in a relationship with a video game over a flesh & blood person.
That is absolutely true. I'd wind up having Troi restrict my holodeck use and be in group therapy with Barclay.
I didn't know Ethan was on Benson, I haven't seen that since I was a little kid though.
Do you remember which fan film series it is Guy? I'm planning to watch a bunch of fan films when I get done with my Trek marathon. I'm guessing it might be Hidden Frontier or one of their spin offs, I know they have a lot of gay characters. Including I think a gay Klingon and/or Cardassian I think.
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