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Re: Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

What do you guys think of this season? I think it's gotten much better post merge.

With Survivor it's like there's two different shows every season. there's pre-merge, and post-merge. Some seasons are good pre-merge, others are good post merge. The average season is good pre-merge and bad post-merge, this season is the opposite. It's been much better since the merge.

There's nobody left in the game who I don't think would be a deserving winner, not counting Laura M on Redemption. I suppose Katie wouldn't be deserving, but I'd be happy with Tyson, Gervase, Siera, Hayden, or Caleb as the winner. Or even Vytas if he got back in the game, since he was only eliminated because he got screwed by a tribe switch. And I suppose if Tina somehow managed to both get back in AND not immediately voted out she'd deserve it.

I'm rooting for Tyson. Best villain since Russell.

Also in Amazing Race, all four teams left would be deserving. I'm so happy Ally & Ashley got eliminated, since now there are only good teams left. Tim & Marie are jerks but they're fun to watch jerks.

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