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Re: T.W.O.K vs STID

There is such humanity in TWOK, what with Kirk's aging, the loss of our dear friend and hero, Spock, Kirk's having a son, death and rebirth, wonder. All executed so well, with good acting, plus Montalban chewing the scenery. STID is shallow lollapalooza, the kids are in charge, both in universe and out. I just cannot fathom how someone can appreciate STID more. (My shortcoming, I guess. I also can't understand how people get off on Mozart or those ridiculous LOTR movies compared to the charming books. I guess I need some IDIC lessons.)

I digress. Badly. To return to the movies at hand: As someone noted above, just compare the direction (I would add music) of the two death scenes.

Not looking for an argument. But in its mind-bogglingness to me,
it's as if someone said they thought a Ziggy cartoon was truly better art than the Mona Lisa or something.

Like what you like, though.
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