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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 84: To The Bitter End

WORF: We now begin the ritual drinking of Koraba Blood, which is poisonous to all races except Klingons.
SISKO: What?! I mean...yeah, let's do it.
WORF: ...Seriously? Well, umm...okay. There is honor in abject stupidity.

ROM: You know brother, I'm starting to think that cheating everybody as much as possible is not profitable in the long term, and we'd actually make more money if we honored contracts and made people trust us a little more.
QUARK: Putting good business sense before profit? And you call yourself a Farengi.

SISKO: Why are you here Dukat?
DUKAT: What? Can't a guy just stop buy and let his friends know how much better he is than everyone?

FEMALE CHANGELING: Goodbye Odo. Being human is really the ultimate punishment, as we know nothing about human physiology offers anybody any real pleasure.
BASHIR: *snrk*
SISKO: Ssh. Don't ruin this for Odo.

WEYOUN: As you see, Commander Sisko. Objective proof the Weyoun DNA is perfect, and that Weyouns never die.
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