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Re: Could Fury have worked with a rewrite?

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I'm not accepting any labels, I just acknowledge that the remarks were being aimed at me. I'm passionate about Star Trek, and Kes is one of my very favorites. This is a thread about Kes, so I'm discussing her. I care about Kes, much in the way other people I know are seriously into their favorite athletes or reality tv show stars. I think it would be nice if we all stayed away from name calling, even if it's implied.

As for Kes and Tom, and the whole age thing. I didn't have a problem with Kes's age even when she was with Neelix. Well, not much. She's an alien with a different life cycle than ours. She seemed to be a young adult, and was being played by a young adult, so that's how I saw her. I never really thought they were a good match, but I did like that she cared about Neelix, and that her values on attractiveness seem to be pretty different than ours. For that matter, do we even know if Kes and Neelix were intimate? I don't recall off the top of my head if we knew if they were sharing quarters. I think they were, but my memory is pretty terrible.
But whatever issues with her age anybody would have, surely by the time the Year of Hell was going to happen Kes would be mature enough to have a relationship.
Now what did freak me out is the alternate timeline where Kes and Tom's daughter married Harry. That's just gross. He was there from the time she was born, surely like an uncle to her. How he could get together with a woman after seeing her grow up from birth, that is disturbing. I do get that she was going to live her whole life probably around people who knew her as a child, but you'd think she'd have gotten with someone not as close to her family. I imagine Kes probably didn't have much of a problem with it, as she'd have a different pov about the age issue, but I'm sure Tom didn't take it well.
If Kes did stay I wonder if that's where the story was going. Not exactly of course, but at least a relationship with Kes and Tom instead of Tom and B'lanna.
Neelix & Kes had separate quarters.

I think Tom & B' Lanna had better chemistry.
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