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Why was Harry Kim never promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Janeway while he was in the DQ? Couldn't she have issued a field promotion or something? I know she messed around with Tom Paris' rank a few times. And Picard made Wesley a full Ensign without him even attending the Academy.

It seemed like Kim saved the day quite a few times; I can't imagine it taking more than that to pass the rank of Ensign (esp. since he was Valedictorian of his Starfleet Academy class).

Saved the day?

I thought he always fucked up?

"Emanations"- Not even a week out of the Academy, his first contact with an alien species and without hesitation he ignores the Prime Directive and lets a pre-warp citizens know exactly who he is and where he's from.

"Prime Factors"- After being told "no" by the Captain, he schemes a way to steal alien technology.

"Heroes & Demons"- First time in the holodeck, gets held hostage by an alien life form.

"The Thaw"- The only crewman afraid of the Clown

"Resolutions" - Showed outright insubordination with his now commanding officer, Tuvok. Weather Tuvok was right or wrong, Harry still showed disrespect for the chain of command.

"The Chute" - almost kills Tom over a metal pipe after being in prison for a few days.

"Future's End"- Exposes 24th century Voyager to 21st century news media.

"Alter Ego" -Goes into a jealous fit of rage over a married Vulcan man talking to his then holographic girlfriend. A Vulcan only has sex every 7 years and would also find no logic in adultery. What was Harry jealous of?

"Favorite Son" - Do I need to explain how dumb Harry is in this one?

"The Killing Game" - the Hirogen know a whipping boy when they see one.

"Timeless" - Due to Harry's stupidity, he crashes the ship and kills everyone inside. You're an Engineer, you created a new piece of technology and you never ran simulations to see if it works until after you built it? You're an Engineer who can't do calculations? For this alone, Harry doesn't deserve a promotion.

"The Disease" - Yet again, Harry is insubordinate with his commanding officer. Not only does he disobey the Captain but medical protocols too. His reprimand here would give Janeway second thoughts about giving a promotion.

"Drive" - Harry again gets into trouble by thinking with his penis again. How many times is it now? What happened to Libby, his fiance?

"Nightingale" - This ep. is another example that Harry isn't ready to step up for a promotion. He's left in charge of the "night watch" on Voyager but when left alone, can't properly utilize his training to do the job.

"Work Force" - With no faith left in Harry to be in command, Chakotay leaves the hologram in charge of the ship in his absence.

When push came to shove, Harry couldn't take charge of the situation. That's a big part of being ready for the position is showing you can handle the task of Lt. Harry showed every time he couldn't.
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