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Re: Favorite/Underrated Episodes of ENT

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All other These are the Voyages issues aside...I enjoyed seeing Riker and Troi again. And I did like how easily Frakes slipped right back into character!
Exactly! And I know that Frakes has made comment on TATV, but artists are always so self-critical, are they not? Anyway ... are the characters interesting to watch? Do you care about them? Do the words hold? So far, I'm coming up trumps, here, because the answer for all three of those questions is a resounding "yes!". Riker and Troi were very charming, which is exactly what this episode needed.

By the way, I do like other ENTERPRISE episodes. A particular favorite of mine is THE FORGE. When Archer and T'Pol meet the Vulcan who doesn't trust them, that guy is COOL!!! What a pisser he had to die so early on, but he set the tone for quite an enjoyable story ark. Although ... I did hate that CGI sehlat, it looked like shit.
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