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Re: Arrow - Season 2

^^^It's a good question. But in practice, willing suspension of disbelief is not a blank check. People can and will invest the mental effort to pretend that Oliver Queen not only never meets a good shot, but never meets any who just gets lucky with his aim. But after they've spent that much effort, they also can and will feel cheated when a drama asks for willing suspension of disbelief for something so mundane as a trial. Things like this are the story equivalent of the "uncanny valley," sufficiently like the real thing that the subtle imperfections are just creepy and off-putting. The fantastic stuff is more like a straight-forward cartoon.

Another way of putting it, it's like shelling out for a car, then suddenly the salesman demands a little extra for car mats. It can feel insulting. Maybe not rational, but it's so.

What also may not be rational is a writer thinking verisimilitude in the small stuff couldn't possibly be important in helping to sell the big stuff.
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