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Re: More popular worldwide: Trek or Doctor Who?

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I don't know. DOCTOR WHO is much more "mainstream" here in America than it used to be. Heck, he's on the cover of TV GUIDE this week, USA TODAY and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY both covered the big 50th Anniversary hoopla, and the last time I visited a Barnes & Noble (in Wilmington, Delaware) there was tons of WHO merchandise in the aisles.

That's not exactly niche anymore. I think if you're standing in line at a checkout counter at the grocery store and DOCTOR WHO is on a magazine cover right next to the Kardashians and Jennifer Aniston, that's pretty damn mainstream.
I agree with what you say and I now sit corrected! I didn't realize that this was being covered as much as it had been!

Congrats, Dr. Who! I now call you mainstream!

But I still think Trek is the better known brand overall. So I don't know which I would ultimately call more popular.
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