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Re: About the KHAN scream.

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That said: ham? From Cumberbatch?
"My name... is... Khhhaann."

"You should have let... meeee... sleeeeeep..."

"After all... no ship should go down withouuuut heeerrr Caaaptain." Have to admit when I first heard this line I burst out laughing. In spirit it reminded me of nothing so much as the Emperor from Return of the Jedi.

Moments like that were made funnier because they were largely at odds with the rest of his performance. (Granted, I actually thought the second one was kinda fun... maybe because I was enjoying the call-out to Blade Runner that the scene represented.)
Maybe I'm not 100% up on what constitutes "ham" but nuKhan's name thing definitely included a few slices of Montalban's "passion". The others you mentioned may have too.

The shields thing is completely indefensible. . . Sure, Kirk has been relying on his judgement for some time, but he's generally not shown to be stupid.
Being overconfident and/or rusty and/or not fully appreciating the level or type of the threat are all different from being "stupid" and all sufficient explanations of the scene, and developments of Kirk's character. As someone else said, I know some people don't like it that Kirk makes a mistake, but that does not make the scene "inexplicable."
Sorry but I have to disagree with this. To me that scene was the most blatantly implausible thing in the movie. No, not "being chased down a rabbit hole where Spock Prime was hanging out" ridiculous, but really eye rolling none-the-less. Yes Kirk can make mistakes but quite apart from the numerous reasons Saito S already gave, Spock should have backed up Saavik instead of being dragged into the "stupid pit". At the very least, that would have been the time for Kirk to say: "No Spock, the Lieutenant has a point. Shields up".

Additionally these guys knew that someone was blocking communications with the space station (and now they couldn't contact it al all) and then a ship shows up acting suspiciously! Come on, if the writers hadn't mentioned the existence of such a regulation they might have gotten away with it (ie. if no one had reminded Kirk!), but they oversold it so well there is just no excuse for Kirk's inaction.

So to summarise, it is not rustiness, he was warned. Its not overconfidence, he seemed more bewildered than arrogant. And its not failing to appreciate the situation. Initially he may not have wanted to "offend" the other skipper. But, as Saito S noted, when the other ship raises it's shields for no apparent reason, Kirk had no option but to follow suit. That told him all he needed to know assuming everything else didn't. So that takes it beyond a "mistake" and into the realm of senility level incompetence.

But regarding screaming in STiD, I counted three (did anyone notice any others?) This is a screamy movie!
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