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My primary frustration with the the DE is that it's a half-measure, and not the much tighter/shorter cut Wise originally intended and indeed discussed in 1980. The fan wanky additions and disregard for the original VFX artists' work and intent only makes it worse.
You always say this and it ends up being argued back-and-forth so that I've stopped caring. It's enough for me the DE is a so much more enjoyable experience than any other version I've seen before. No, it's not perfect, but that's mostly because what needs to be fixed can't be because we can't go back in time and get a needed rewrite to add more character drama.

Getting the DE on Blu-Ray should be a non-issue for you because you hate the thing anyway.
I could point out a lot of things "you always say" and be just as dismissive of your opinions. Sauce, Mr. Gander?
I remember a theatrical version with some truly horrible unfinished visual and audio f/x as well as far too long visual sequences, most particularly the Vger fly-over. The DE got rid of most of what I disliked and fixed many audio issues I had. It also added some character bits back in which was all that could be done since it was impossible to go back in time and shoot a rewritten script for more character dynamic and drama.

Are they the choices Robert Wise would have made back in '79 given enough time? Maybe not, but then he couldn't go back in time and redo it or finish it off. His own perceptions as well as those that worked on the new cut were influenced by more than twenty years of what had come along since TMP first bowed. Creative decisions made today will be different than more than twenty years prior simply because you have an additional two decades of influence and experience colouring one's creative outlook.

I can't help but compare the TMP DE with TOS-R. I think the TMP DE came far, far closer to feeling like what we could have gotten originally given sufficient time to edit the film as Robert Wise intended. I cannot say that TOS-R looks or feels anything like what could have been done under the best of circumstances when TOS was in production. None of the new sequences look like what 1960's state-of-the-art feature film f/x could have done back in the day. Rather we have contemporary middle-of-the-road cgi f/x that (in my opinion) clash horribly with the remaining live action footage.

Of course, I voted with my dollar and after sampling TOS-R I simply choose not to reward CBS by buying it. In like manner you don't like the TMP DE then you simply don't have to buy it whether on DVD or if it ever makes it to Blu-Ray. Simple.

Yes, I have certainly bitched and moaned about a lot of things I don't like in Trek, to the point I was even getting tired of repeating myself. I'm never going to convince anyone of anything particularly on the internet. I've learned since that when I see praise for something I have little to no regard for I mostly (usually) roll my eyes and move on to something more interesting. And when I feel I need to make a remark I try to couch it in terms that (while expressing my disagreement and displeasure) will not likely start an argument.
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