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Re: Getting back to watching Dr. Who

I just watched The Runaway Bride. It was pretty good. Seeing the TARDIS chase a car down a highway was awesome. The villain was interesting, although she was a bit annoying at times. The episode was barely a "christmas" episode, and half its Christmas stuff was taken from the first one (The 10th Doctor's first episode) but I thought it was a good episode. Next up is Series 3.

Edit: In the last few hours I've gone through the first 5 episodes of season 5.

Smith and Jones was interesting. The Rhino aliens looked cool.

The Shakespeare Code was a good episode. Shakespeare himself was interesting. and there were a bunch of good/funny moments. It was weird/funny to hear the Doctor talk about Harry Potter, and then having them finish off the aliens with it.

I wasn't sure what to think of Gridlock when it started, but it ended up being a pretty good episode. It was cool to see the face again, and I liked the part where The Doctor is going down through all of the ships.

Daleks in Manhatten/Evolution of the Daleskwas an ok two parter. It wasn't bad at all, but it was the weakest Dalek story so far in modern Doctor Who. It was interesting to see them in that time period, but honestly a lot of the period stuff was annoying. The blonde woman was especially annoying. Every time she spoke I just wanted a Dalek to exterminate her. The Dalek/Human leader was an interesting concept I guess, but I'm glad he didn't stay around. The Daleks being outside of their suit/armor on a regular basis would be pretty lame. I still think it was an ok story, but it was a bit disappointing.

As for the new companion, Martha is ok so far. I don't really think that The Doctor needs another "romantic" companion so soon, but its not a big deal. Martha hasn't made that big an impression, honestly, but I'm not even half way done with series 3 yet, so my opinion of her could go either way.

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