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A version of the Director's Edition would be achievable, but I don't think it necessarily be easy to achieve. It certainly wouldn't be cheap.
Actually it would be pretty cheap. The CGI assets still exist. They just have to assemble a team for a while to re-do them.
Most of the assets are in the hands of the artists that did them. They took the files home when Foundation closed its doors. It's been well known that Darren Dochterman is ready, willing, and able to do the DE in 1080p for years now. He's talked about it repeatedly in his blog circa 2009 when the theatrical Blu-ray's were released.

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It's a shame the DE never got the theatrical release that was rumored for it at the time. Because if it had, they'd have had to strike up a film negative to work from, and that would have made a Blu Ray release a whole lot easier now.
According to Darren Dochterman, there is a newer DE cut of the film with color correction changes made, etc. It's presumed to just be sitting in a vault somewhere.

It quite frankly comes down the fact that Paramount doesn't give a damn about the Trek back catalogue it has. Heck, it barely cares about the "cool kids" Abrams versions on home video.
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