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Re: Trip & T'Pol: The Good That They Do

Lovely wallpaper, boushh. :thumbsup:

And thanks for the "Standing Together" pics, HR. My screencap collection from later seasons is a bit slim right now (supplemented by a few I grabbed from you and others ). Must be a lot of those standing together type photos from seasons 3 & 4 given the nature of the T/T storyline.

Captain X said:
Actually... One of the few things I learned in film was that you have to make people be unnaturally close together to get them both in the same shot unless you're too far away to see them clearly.

Yeah, I expect there're probably some very practical reasons that they position the actors certain ways, but at times, I think there could be other factors as well. Sometimes it can be a shorthand way of "showing" how the characters are relating to each other and who knows, maybe it also could be done at times because someone thinks they just look good together, and aesthetics matter, too.

But seriously, in late S1 and much of S2 when they really weren't "actively" developing the Trip/T'Pol relationship, I think some of the "standing together" poses and looks between them was just a simple way of conveying that they were becoming more comfortable with each other and learning to work together -- without the writers having to devote major scenes or dialogue to it.

And I think a lot of the body language between Trip and T'Pol actually fit well with the push-pull type nature of the relationship. A lot of standing together but also standing toe to toe and face to face (like boushh mentioned), which sort of symbolized that they were drawn to each other but also challenged (and sometimes frustrated) by the differences. Hmmm...I think I also may need a "Standing Face to Face" collection.

Broken Bow Decon

Broken Bow Bridge Scene -- I think this was the scene during which BBraga commented (on the DVD commentary) about the actors' chemistry and how sometimes you don't know about these things until you see it on camera (or something like that)....

Strange New World



And for grins, how about a "standing together" picture from Harbinger.

And to show I'm not totally biased, here's one of my favorite caps of Trip and Amanda.
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