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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!

Halliwell wrote: View Post
The story ends, literally, with Picard shrugging and claiming there is nothing else that can be done. Um, what happened to the Picard of TNG who said that a Starfleet officer's first duty is to the truth?

Well, that was a Picard who lived in a Federation that was sure of itself militarily, culturally, morally. I'm not sure that place exists anymore. The whole point of the Typhon Pact concept was to explore relative morality, I think. As others have said, I think there comes a point in certain circumstances where a slavish absolutist devotion to 'truth' can be a worse thing than letting some lies or omissions pass. The delicacy comes in knowing where to draw the line.

Jarvisimo wrote: View Post
All these nods to ideas that don't need to be laboured over, be it the two women living together in East Torr (whether a couple or not) ... the physicality and fondness of Garak and Parmak's relationship, etc.
rfmcdpei wrote: View Post
That was a very close friendship, right, not anything romantic? I read it as the former, though I was delighted to note in passing that Garak was unimpressed by Temet's handsomeness. Canonical novelverse confirmation of Garak being non-heterosexual, if there hadn't been already, right?
Paper Moon wrote: View Post
The last chapter is truly exquisite. For the entire novel, we had been getting hints about Garak and Parmak. And here, we get a reveal that isn’t so much of a reveal as it is an unsarcastic way of saying, “Oh, hadn’t you noticed?” And the way they’re depicted together is so beautiful. The tenderness of an old couple. The forgiving nature of old friends. The dignity of care.
Wasn't that just gorgeous, though? It doesn't need to be stated flat-out, but it certainly could be read that their relationship has developed into more than friendship. Garak has only had one true romantic interest that we know of, and that's Palandine. Yes, that is a woman. But I don't think anyone could deny that he a fascination with Bashir, a man, and it seems that his relationship with Parmak began in much the same way.

It's not a coincidence that Parmak is a doctor like Bashir. Garak seems to need someone with that morality and that compassion around him, to counter his own darkness. And Parmak is the perfect version of that - the same righteous heart as Bashir, but with the same Cardassian history as him.

I don't know if their relationship is evidence that Garak is bisexual, omnisexual, pansexual whatever, or just evidence that Cardassian males don't suffer the same macho bullshit as Klingons or 21st century Americans, and that that kind of physical intimacy between males isn't necessarily assumed to be romantic in nature. And I don't need an answer to that.

Mimi wrote: View Post
They need someone who has a hope for the future, but at the same time, is smart and cunning enough to keep from getting murdered. That is pretty much Garak exactly.

What a lovely way of putting it. Absolutely right.

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