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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

I really loved "Of Gods and Men" - it wasn't a classic by any means, but loved seeing Uhura, Chekov, Harriman and Tuvok again playing their roles. It's pure fanwank, but that's the point. It'll probably always be my favourite live-action Trek fanfic.

"Renegades" looks like it could be fun too, although I suspect it'll be Trek's answer to Babylon 5's "Legend of the Rangers" (especially in being a pilot for a series that will never be - I'd rather have Tuvok, Chekov and Doc Zimmerman lead the way rather than the Renegade crew)

Actual Trek actors or no, they're still fan fiction and I too consider the novels to be the true, authorized continuation of Trek Prime.
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