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Re: Voyager went the wrong way home!

"Lt. Torres, please pull up the deflector field configuration data compiled by Lt. Barclay on Stardate 44704 on board the USS Enterprise. That should get us to the center of the galaxy in about 5 minutes. Then we'll do it one more time to get home. If that doesn't work, pull up the Warp Field configuration parameters from the USS Enterprise, Stardate 8454.1, that should get us to the center of the galaxy in a few hours, we'll just keep going."

"And if THAT doesn't work, pull up all the data we have on Borg Transwarp conduits from Stardate 46982. There's definitely one in the Delta Quadrant we can take all the way to the Alpha quadrant just by using our deflector to activate it."

Janeway had about 50 ways she could get Voyager home (including using the Caretaker array which, if you go by Tuvok, was as easy for them to activate as a food replicator). Going for the Bajoran Wormhole, though, I agree would have been a bad idea since Janeway would have known that it's existence can't be guaranteed by the time they get to the Gamma terminus.
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