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Re: Renumber The Doctors?

^ It certainly causes a strange mess in the branding of the series. Every episode guide, every piece of merchandise (action figures etc) that have refered to the Doctor numerically, they've either all become instantly irrelevant, or else we are going to have to ignore the thrust of this script (which is, yes, that Hurt is a proper Doctor and he's simply one that the other new series Doctors have all been ignoring/repressing from their memory until now).

In my view it's actually easier to accept that we've all just been operating under wrong assumptions for the last seven years. To just accept at face value that Hurt was the ninth Doctor, Eccleston the tenth, Tennant the eleventh and so on. I'm still not convinced we've seen anything on screen which disproves this, but we've certainly seen plenty of evidence that seems to confirm it!
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