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Re: How much does watching VOY as a kid affect people's opinions?

I was 11 when Voyager started. I didn't watch it from the beginning but picked it up a few seasons in. Not out of choice, but someone had to turn the VCR on for mum. I ended up loving it more than she did. I've tried to watch the other Treks, but have only had slight success. I've watched a chunk of ENT. Half an episode of TNG (the production was terrible and the acting.. ugh) although I've seen all the TNG movies. Those were ok, they were trek so I was happy. DS9 I've tried numerous times but other than season 7 I've never been able to get into it.

I'm a character person. They don't have to be perfect characters but I have to care about them. I did on voyager. I watched very little TV growing up and I loved the strong (if imperfect) character that Janeway is. The only TV character I totally crushed on as a teenager.

These days it is my comfort TV. I still love the characters and I still enjoy it.

I'm always disappointed when I watch other trek because I don't enjoy it as much and I really want to because of how much I love Voyager.
I'm female.
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