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Re: About the KHAN scream.

I have to add my two cents in before we completely move on.
A lot of slash writers write slash because they like the dynamic of two men in love. There are some women who professionally write about gay men and relationships between men. Anne Rice's early novels included a lot of homoeroticism, especially her early vampire novels. She's talked in interviews about being fascinated by the relationships between men, how they relate to each other in a different way than a man and a woman. That's a legitimate dynamic to explore, and she also wrote hetero-erotic realtionships for those characters too. You don't have to hate women or be unhealthily attached to the characters to write or read gay/slash. Even when women write it, gay relationships in fiction aren't always some reflection on heterosexuality. It can actually be about those characters who are gay. The serious under representation of gays in media do inspire some people to bring inclusion and diversity into the stories they love, and yes, sometimes that involves reimagining those characters as gay, because they want to see the leads of the story as gay. This fills a void as outside of Torchwood I can't think of any mainstream sci fi with gay male leads. Lesbians get more representation in sci fi as they're less controversal to the hetero male patriarchy.
A lot of people like slash because they like the dynamic between those two specific characters.
Some people will impose their own biased and prejudices onto others, but not everyone has the same pov. A woman interested in gay men can still be pro-woman. Do a little research on women who write gay novels and see what they have to say about their work if you like, it can be really interesting. There's something extremely heterosexist and possibly homophobic to have such aggressive criticism of someone for writing about gay content.
There are some writers who write female characters badly. The problem there is with bad writers and misogyny, not with slash as a specific genre. Many professional writers of published fiction do this too.
As a gay man I am a fan of many hetero pairings. I am a big shipper for Picard/Beverly, Riker/Troi, Janeway/Chakotay among others. So why would it be so usual for a heterosexual to ship a same sex couple? I also will ship hetero non canon pairings like Bashir/Jadzia. I don't see how I'm "disrespecting" Worf any more than slash shippers are disrespecting anyone.
Veering back on topic, yes, there is ridiculous amounts of flirting from Kirk to Spock. They have great chemistry, although I think more from the classic than the reboot. I had never thought much about Khan as having slash-ability with Kirk and Spock, but since it's been pointed out, I can see where somebody could do something with it.
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