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Re: Renumber The Doctors?

My view? The show had a 'get-out clause' in the sense of him being some kind of 'Doctor No More', but I see no reason (given on screen) why Hurt is not now officially the Ninth Doctor. Certainly the under-riding thematic arc of 'Day of the Doctor' is of the Tennant and Smith incarnations learning to finally 'accept' this part of who they are, after centuries of (implied) ignoring him.

Even more crucially, this is actually *confirmed* on screen when, in the climactic battle, the Capaldi incarnation is explicitly refered to as the thirteenth one. No ifs, no buts. Go back and watch it again.

Frankly I don't see that there's any ambiguity in it. Steven Moffat rewrote everything we thought we knew about the new series Doctors, so basically we do now have thirteen Doctors. Eccleston is 'Ten', Tennant is 'Eleven' and Smithy is 'Twelve'. People might find that hard to accept. But it's true.
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