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Re: About the KHAN scream.

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please don't think I am one of those silly female fans who, don't want a guy to commit to any other girl unless its them.
You are talking about 13 year olds. Or rather, a stereotype of 13 year olds. Just because someone doesn't like an onscreen relationship doesn't mean it's because they want one of the players for themselves.

Sadly its always the case, 80% of women not just 13 yr olds who for no real and legitimate reason just hate on the on screen male and female couple.They do it out of jealousy. I ran into a K/S slash shipper who admitted that she was jealous that uhura was with spock.

Spock is not even real but yeah I get the fantasy.

I did not use to understand how girls and I mean girls only like to spend their time writing about the destruction of the loving male/female couple and making the guy single or pairing him up with his best male friend or even his worst enemy, but as time went by I caught on. Girls rather see the guy they like become gay or remain single than see him with another girl.

I am not surprised 2takesfrakes stereotyped me as one of those girls. I understand why he did but I am proud to say I am not one of those awful girls.

Of course teacake, not all of girls behave like that.
I'm not sure you're right about all the slash writers. I tend to think a lot of fan writers are slashing everyone because its different, trendy, a bit naughty. I was amazed at the number of Chekov/Sulu pairings I saw after ST09 because I don't think they even spoke to each other in the whole movie.

I tend to think differently about the old school K/S slashers. I've had some discussions with them. While they failed to totally 'convert' me I can see their point. If you study TOS closely I can see why some people can see the slash there. Kirk and Spock are very close. Shatner has a certain type of body language/smile that you could interpret as flirting with Spock. That scene in TMP where they're holding hands...

I personally quite like Spock/Uhura. However, I just think it makes Spock a less interesting character. In TOS he was a lonely tormented, oppressed soul. In STID he's got a hot girl and everything's looking good for him (aside from the death of his mother and his entire planet I suppose ).
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