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Re: The Curator.... Who is he? (SPOILERS for "The Day of the Doctor")

Brent wrote: View Post
It's a wink to the fans, nothing more.

We should take it on face value for what it is and thank Tom Baker for appearing on Doctor Who again.

I appreciate the fanwank, nothing more will become of it, or is supposed to become of it, period.
Brent wrote: View Post
Scratch that, I take back everything I just said

I just watched the ending again, Tom specifically says that he ends up re-using past faces, "only the favorites"

Everything I just saw leads me to believe he is indeed a FUTURE doctor, well past the regeneration limit, and The Doctor has re-used one of his past faces, and simply aged.

So yes, a future doctor, using a past face.
Well, it's both, isn't it? It is a future Doctor using a past face, AND it is a nice wink to the fans out of which nothing more will come out.
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