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Re: No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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Yes, the gold piping and the satiny material, similar to the men's jackets, point toward it being a dress uniform. It has standard rank stripes, though, unlike the male dress uniforms.
True, but the various piping schemes on the male dress uniforms do seem to indicate rank, at least for ranks higher than lieutenant commander*. Perhaps there was nowhere to put extra piping on the female uniforms, so SF decided just to put the standard stripes on them. It's hard to tell, since we only ever saw that uniform once, AFAIK, and it was worn by a lieutenant.

* Commander, Captain and Commodore all had distinct schemes. I'm trying to recall if the court reporter in Court Martial was identified as an ensign, but I'm drawing a blank. I believe he was wearing the same piping scheme as Scotty and McCoy do, so if he *is* an ensign, that would seem to point to the piping scheme being the same for lieutenant commander and below. If he's never referred to by rank, then maybe we can just assume he's a lieutenant commander...
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