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Re: Turnabout Intruder...then what?

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Rumours are rife that the star actor was irritated and sick, and argued non stop with a jaded director.
In the book Star Trek Lives! which was published during the 70s-ish age of conventions, one of the book's authors had been on set that day. Apparently Shatner was suffering a bout of flu or something, as he had a fever the day he carried guest star Sandra Smith to a waiting gurney in the transporter room, making a wisecrack about her weight, and was sweating between takes. Besides everyone knowing the show was ending, probably the biggest weight on his mind was his marriage was rapidly falling apart and divorce proceedings were beginning, so he wasn't seeing his kids as much as he wanted.

I briefly checked his book Star Trek Movie Memories, but he doesn't give any indication of what the next episode was to be, but apparently he was penciled in to direct it once it was chosen.
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