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Re: Doctor Who 50th Crossover

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I think the latest design is just about perfect, with the exception of the combination lock type thing above the console.
Yeah, I'm not too ecstatic with the counter rotating carousel elements near the ceiling. You need either a wide angle shot or an upward aimed shot to get them in frame to clearly demonstrate the craft is in motion. With a more traditionally "bobbing" central cylinder, one can have tighter shots and still get the moving elements into frame.

Now, the console itself I LOVE as it harkens to the kind of control boards depicted in the classic series. The illuminated plinth really sets off the piece. If only the outer perimeter walls had traditional inset glowing roundels, I'd really love the arrangement. (Oh, I do rather like the railing mounted stations. It adds visual interest and provides for for dramatic poses the centrally located console alone just can't provide.

Oh, speaking of roundels, I don't think it's too bad a "spoiler" to say a few panels of the deeply set Hartnell era type walls make a brief appearance in "Day of the Doctor" and the characters comment favorably about them.


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