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Turnabout Intruder...then what?

So Turnabout Intruder ended up being Star Trek's final episode when NBC decided not to pick up an option it had for two extra episodes, mercifully shortening a vastly inferior season three.

Turnabout was filmed from December 31, 1968 till January 9th 1969. The final draft script was dated 20th December, with a revised version made on the 30th, right before filming.

Unfortunately it wasn't enough to save Star Trek going out with a contoversial, campy, and silly episode that doesn't come close to Star Trek at its best. Rumours are rife that the star actor was irritated and sick, and argued non stop with a jaded director. Sadly, it was a terrible way to go out.

But what if it hadn't been the final episode, and that option was picked up for the last two shows?

Preparations must have been quite advanced on Episode 25, and probably Episode 26. Given the Christmas break as well, things must have been well advanced with scripts and maybe casting and set designs.

Sure, it was more than likely NBC were not going to order those final two, but Freiberger and whoever was left at that point could not be so negligent to just assume that, and have nothing ready to go.

Does anyone know what was planned for those final two?
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