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Re: FLASH series being developed for The CW

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^Plus Joe Harnell's "Lonely Man" theme is quoted in the music once or twice.

I still find it amusing -- so many fans cry bloody murder when any adaptation dares to diverge from the source, but the Bixby Hulk series was perhaps the least authentic superhero adaptation in history (except maybe Halle Berry's Catwoman), and yet it's the most beloved Hulk adaptation out there, at least prior to The Avengers.
Many people grew up on the Hulk show that it has become very definitive for them. When they made Ang Lee's Hulk, the movie makers pretty much ignored the show and fans were pissed. We got a more closer to show origin version with TIH, which I think had more more positive reactions.

I'm still surprised both Hulk movies have ignored Rick Jones when the character played an important part in the original comic Hulk's origins.
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