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Re: The Day of the Doctore Review Thread (Spoilers?)

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Except that the Fifth Doctor's sonic screwdriver was destroyed in the episode "Four to Doomsday." So they're not continuous incarnations of the exact same one unless the Fifth Doctor had a backup somewhere.
So? It only had to be continuous from Hurt's Doctor's screwdriver to Smith's Doctor's screwdriver. The War Doctor initiated the calculation, and the Eleventh Doctor's screwdriver finished them. The Fifth Doctor's screwdriver doesn't factor into the matter.

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This is a problem for me, in that the next time I rewatch the Eccleston stories, I'm going to listen to the Doctor telling Rose about the Time War and how horrible it was and that he's the last of his people and the lone Dalek is the last of its people... and feel cheated, because oops, it never actually happened, haha.
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